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4 Proven Methods to Establish Your Authority in the Online Network Marketing Arena

Oh wouldn’t it be nice if others viewed you as an authority in your niche?  Thought of you when they had questions, needed help, wanted training and information on how to do what they are trying to do?

It would feel great right!?

Yes, it would!  You would be serving the audience you set out to serve.  Helping to provide them with solutions to their problems.

There sure fire ways that you can become that authority in your chosen niche.  There are systems, methods, and strategy you can set up and leverage.  I will be sharing more about these in detail on a free masterclass.  If you are interested in getting a notification when we go live for that class please sign up for the waitlist here.

Until then, here are some tips I learn from a mentor Bill Pescosolida n proven ways to establish yourself as an authority in this network marketing space.


4 Proven Methods to Establish Your Authority in the Online Network Marketing Arena


Let me be brutally honest…

It’s ridiculously difficult to build your business if nobody knows who you are – especially online.

It’s impossible to get prospects to return your calls…

…or get people to opt in and become a lead, if they don’t perceive you as any kind of authority.

So what’s a new Internet marketer to do?

Well, whatever slice of the ‘world’ you’re operating within, whether it’s the…

  • Health and wellness niche
  • Network marketing niche
  • Affiliate marketing niche

You need to become an authority in your space!

With that in mind, I’m going to share with you four proven ways to build your authority, starting right now, today.

These actions will not only help you boost your authority, they’ll cause your audience, prospects, and leads to perceive you as a trusted authority.

And when they do, they’ll be more likely to want to do business with you.

Alright, let’s dive into method number one…


Create highly informative, easy-to-consume content.

First, we need to ask: what is “content?”

Content is anything online that’s informative, educational, or entertaining.

A blog post (like this one) is content, obviously.

Facebook Lives are a form of content.

Videos are content.

So are podcasts, webinars, PowerPoint presentations, emails you send to your list, status updates on social media, tweets, images, and infographics.

That’s all content.

Whenever you create content, you’re sharing your opinions, thoughts, and ideas about a particular subject.

And since you are the person creating the content, YOU are the authority.

If you don’t believe me, consider this…

If you’re watching TV and flip to a news channel…

You perceive the person delivering the news as an authority.

That person is in front of the camera speaking to us, telling us what happened in the world today.

But here’s the thing: that newsperson doesn’t necessarily know any more than you or I do.

They’re not necessarily smarter.

They’re not necessarily experts on whatever subject they’re talking about.

They’re just the person delivering the news to us.

That’s it.

Yet, we perceive them as an authority because they’re the ones in front of the camera delivering the news to us.

Make sense?

So, if you’re sitting there thinking…

“Oh gosh, Bill, what if what I have to say isn’t important enough?”


“Am I smart enough?”


“How can I possibly have enough experience?”


“Am I professional enough to talk about X,Y, or Z?”

The answer is yes!

Yes you are.

Just putting yourself in the position to be that conduit, that megaphone – that person delivering the information on the topic – makes YOU the authority.


Because you’re in front of the camera and the people watching are not.

Now, I’m not saying that just being a loud mouth, who blurts out any old thing that pops into your head, is going to get people to perceive you as an authority.

What I am saying, though, is…

Many people are scared to do a Facebook Live, record a video, or write a blog post

That’s good news for you!

If you are one of the few that are willing to put yourself out there, you will get authority status.

And I’m telling you it will be much easier once you attain that authority status to get people to…

  • Opt in to your lead magnets
  • Return your calls when you leave them a voicemail
  • Hop on the phone with you
  • Want to join you or become your customer 

Once you create and share your content, people will feel comfortable because they think they know you.

They will feel they can trust you.

And if you create content that is educational, informative, and entertaining, they’ll start to like you to boot.

This leads us to method #2…


Create your own personal brand.

To create your own personal brand, the very first – and easiest – thing to do is use your NAME whenever you create content.

Yep, I’m talking about your John Hancock.

Don’t hide behind some pitchy, cheesy, or obvious little moniker like “Mommy’prenuer” or “Freedom’prenuer.”


Those titles don’t tell people WHO you are.

Your name tells people who you are.

Thus, every time you put your REAL name and face out there, you’re advancing your own personal brand.

Most important, you’re also building your “know, like, and trust” factor…

Which encourages people to join you, or buy from you, or become a lead or customer.

Besides using your name, you need to do three things to build your personal brand.

I call them the “three C’s” of personal branding:

  1. Clarity,
  2. Consistency, and
  3. Constancy.

Clarity obviously means to share clearly who you are

And who you’re not.

Are you a surfer dude who shows up shirtless, wearing flip flops in all your videos?

Is that the audience you’re looking to attract?

If so, respect.

In contrast, are you more the business professional type, maybe looking to attract retiring baby boomers, so you always wear a blazer in your videos?

If so, that’s fine too.

Go for it!

Whatever your image is, be very clear about who you are, the audience you’re trying to attract, and the message you’re trying to convey.

Always stay true to that image.

Consistency means being consistent in all your messaging and communication

In other words, don’t waffle or “flip flop” on issues.

Don’t talk about something one way this week and another way next week.

Consistent messaging will help you win and maintain an audience.

Being inconsistent, waffling, or flip-flopping will cause you to lose the very people you’re working so hard to attract.

Think about politicians who “flip flop” on issues important to their constituents.

Don’t be like that (or you won’t get “reelected.”)

Constancy means putting yourself in front of your audience – all the time

Budweiser is the best example of constancy on television.

Their commercials have nothing to do with beer.

They’re not about good times in a bar or people at a sporting event.

They’re emotional stories like the one about the Clydesdale and the puppy – and how the puppy and the horse are reunited at the barn after thinking they were separated forever.

Those commercials make us feel warm and fuzzy.

They have nothing to do with beer – and everything to do with Budweiser just putting itself in front of us.

Because of those puppies and Clydesdales (which have nothing to do with beer), because we feel good, we associate Budweiser with those warm fuzzy feelings, and Budweiser is imprinted on our brains.

(Now want to drink a Budweiser, right?)

That’s constancy.

That’s what they’re going for.

Constantly remind your audience of who you are and what you do, and make them feel good about doing business with you.

It’s a phenomenal way to boost your authority.

Next up…


Share your knowledge.

Now you might be saying…

“Alright, share what I know. Thanks, Captain Obvious!”

But sharing your knowledge goes a little deeper than that.

Any time you learn something new, share it with people.

Any time someone invites you to be a guest blogger, or be interviewed, or participate in his or her podcast — take advantage of the opportunity.

Get yourself out there.

Go into different online forums and be helpful.

  • Be useful
  • Provide value
  • Answer questions

Think about the online groups you belong to.

Can you answer some questions, and help people out a little bit?

Of course, you can!

You could spend three minutes – today – looking at some of the questions and the issues people are discussing in those groups.

Pick someone you think you might help.

Give them a three or four sentence answer. is another large online forum today.

There are people on Quora asking and answering questions about everything under the sun.

You’d probably have to go in there and niche it down.

Look for discussion threads about online marketing, home-base business, or whatever your particular thing is.

That might just be where your target market hangs out.

Start being useful and answering questions.

You can even link to a blog post that answers one of their questions.

Here’s an example:

“Hey, Joe, saw your question here.”

Then give him a couple of tips or a few sentences worth of answers.

And then say…

“And if you really want to get the full answer to this, I wrote a blog post about it. Click on the link below and check it out.”

Other people are going to see that question and your answer.

They’ll think to themselves…

“Oh wow, look at Susie’s answer to that question. She went even deeper to answer that specific question in her blog post. Let me go check that out.”


Now you’re getting eyeballs to your blog post

You’re being perceived as an authority, because you wrote that content.

You provided them some good value.

You’ve personally branded yourself.

So share your knowledge.

Do it consistently.

That will help establish you as an authority.

Finally, here’s my last authority-building tip…


Go deep, not wide.

You know how easy it could be for you to blog, right?

After all, there are lots of niches out there you could blog about.

Some are about gardening, and others are about how to cook road kill, or make candles, or collect wine.

And clearly, you’re not in most of those niches, you’re in your niche, your own space.

So…buy a domain name…install WordPress…hit “Publish”…and ta da! Look at me, ma! I’m a blogger!

But here’s the thing…

There’s over 350,000,000 blogs out there right now – with millions more added every day.

That’s a lot.

But most of them are bland, plain vanilla blogs that just scratch the surface of stuff.

They write a little bit of fluff about a whole lot of stuff.

It’s white noise.

And they get lost in the pile.


They “go wide” instead of “going deep.”

They’re like a “jack of all trades, and master of none.”

In other words…

If your blog just goes wide, no one’s gonna dig your content at all

Going deep means you dig – deep, deeper, deepest – sharing specific information about a particular topic or subject.

Going deep means showing your ability to dive deeper into your subject than anybody else.

Going deep demonstrates that you know what you’re talking about.

You are an expert.

Let me share an example….

I was looking at a video blog on YouTube recently about the top five ways to prospect.

When the person shared the third way to be a master prospector, they just said, “Ask more questions.”

They didn’t say…

“When I prospect, here are some of the best questions you should be asking,” or, “Here are some questions you might use in these particular scenarios.”

No, they just glossed right over it and said…

“The third tip to recruit more people is to ask more questions.”

Then they moved right on to the fourth tip.

My reaction?

I said to myself…

“I don’t think this person knows much about prospecting. I don’t think they’ve actually done much prospecting themselves. There’s nothing that they’ve demonstrated here that shows that they actually know anything more than surface-level stuff. I don’t think they’re really in the trenches doing their own prospecting.”

I know when I was in the trenches, calling 20, 30, 40 leads every single day, I knew exactly what questions I was asking.

I knew what worked, and what didn’t work.

If I was shooting that video myself, I would’ve gone much deeper.

I would’ve said…

“Here are five specific questions that you might ask.”

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.

That would PROVE to anyone watching I knew what I was talking about, because I shared my personal experience of what worked for me.

Gong wide is surface-level; going deep is getting specific

This person ended their video with…

“See you later, hope you liked the video.”

That’s just useless crap.

It proved to me that the person was not an authority.

It proved they didn’t know what they were talking about.

If you’re going to create that fluffy, wide, surface-level content, you won’t inspire any faith or trust.

You won’t prove your expertise in that particular subject.

You won’t do a thing to boost the kind of authority we’re talking about building here.

So, go deep in your niche – not wide.

You’re so much better off creating one piece of deep content…

Than creating five or six fluff pieces just to take up space.

The time you invest will be so much more valuable and useful for you.

It will pay off because you are helping people out, providing value, increasing your authority, and building trust with your audience.

You want your content to leave people thinking…

  • “Wow…This person seriously knows their stuff.”
  • “I’m impressed.”
  • “I’m going to keep following them, checking out their stuff, diving into what they have.”
  • “I have to get into one of their funnels, and onto their list.”
  • “I want more!”

That’s how you boost your authority!

And that, my friends, is how you have a much easier time building your business online.

To learn more, I strongly encourage you to sign up for my mentors FREE Attraction Marketing Bootcamp.

They will teach you how to build your business online using proven strategies that work so you can attract people to you and never have to chase down deadbeat prospects ever again.

This isn’t theory!

You’ll see how my friend Ferny Ceballos, CMO of Elite Marketing Pro, passively generates 300–500 leads per day, 30–50 customers per day, and recruit 70–100 new serious business-builders into his business each month.

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So if you’re ready to get started…

Simply click here and you will get Recruiting access to the 10 -Day Online Bootcamp 

That’s it! That’s what I have for today!

So…I like convos where it’s two way you know right? so I just spoke for a while so now it’s your turn.


(feel free to post your responses below and/or on the video on SM)

tell me what you will start working on to become the authority in your niche?

No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. Hebrews 12:11


Hey, thank you!

Thank you for jumping on this post!

Hopefully, I have added value to you here.  I would love to hear from you on this post and/or on the live stream!  Tell me what your experience is and what tools you use.

Until next time, have a great day!


Hey, Lindsay here!  I love sharing things I love and helping other women to make big waves in all areas of their life from faith, fitness, family, and finances for all my boss ladies out there. I love sharing my experience, journey, and tools I use to help me with my journey in all of these areas and more in hopes it will help you too.








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