No way I am committed enough… 

I can NOT workout from home…hold on….just wait!

I totally understand where everyone comes from with this statement.  I really do!

Working out anywhere to get desired results takes dedication and commitment for a consistent period of time, at home it does require more focus and a different kind of attitude about it too.

Sure, it’s easier to lay on the couch or not get out of bed…but the commute (especially if your a momma with any amount of kids!) that commute is SOOOOOO much better.

Yes, you may get interrupted a million times, but there is something awesome that takes place when working out in that atmosphere.  I use to get so so angry when my husband would get to go on long runs (he has run several marathons and ultra marathons).  I was so envious of how he had no interruptions during his workout.  While I, on the other hand, can wash clothes, clean dishes, make sure the right movie is on, break up a fight, change a dirty diaper and make my half push up happen while a toddler is hanging on my back.

I don’t’ get angry anymore, do you know why?  It has something to do with what I mentioned above, that something awesome that happens when you workout from home. For me, it’s the fact that my kids get to see momma working, grunting, sweating for my body.  I am doing it the right way and they SEE it.  They don’t say mommy works out at the gym and they get to go play.  They physically see me with their own eyes and for that, i believe I am leaving a legacy for my children to work hard for their health and not go for the quick easy fix.

Plus, the thought of packing them all in the car…STRESS!!!  Holy cow the drama and stress and walking on eggshells so I don’t set off any fit bombs from one of the kiddos just because we are trying to leave the house and they can find their shoes I told them to put on 20 mins before.  Or tears because they can not bring the 15 toys they are holding in their hand and can barely carry…I get that though when I think of how many grocery bags I try to carry at once after a trip to the store.  I really just want to get as many in my hands that I can.  Can you relate?  I know you have done it before too…let’s move on!

Maybe it’s intimidading going to the gym and trying to figure out those machines right? I mean, what do they work, how to do get in one and which way does it move?  Then to get yourself out..whoa!  You don’t what to look like you don’t know what you are doing!

Don’t even talk to me about the free weights right?!  Can I get an AMEN!

Who wants to go over there with those big muscle guys and gals screaming as the drop the weigts….nope nope nope!

I have been an athlete most of my life so I was comfortable around the machines and the weights in knowing what to do with them but honestly I was not comforatble in my body and how I looked to feel like going to the gym was what I wanted to do.

So, when I found a plan that allowed me to work out at home I was SO very happy!

I do believe it’s about the season of life you are in at any given moment that makes one work over the other.  It could be great to go to the gym, or even a good back up when life happens…because life will happen!)

I have some good suggestions and tools that can help you stay motivated and committed to your workouts and to your goals.

I am sharing them over on my Facebook page here.  I would love for you to follow me there.  Make sure you turn on the notifications for my page so you know when I am live and we can chat together about it.  I will do another live next week but here are the first 3 I would love to share with you today.

PART 1 – Staying committed on your fitness journey…is hard. How do you do it?

PART 2 – I can’t workout at home I am not committed enough, how do you do it? Yes you can! Let me share how I do it.

PART 3 – Ever say…I suck … I can’t … I already messed up my nutrition today anyway … I’m not seeing results fast enough …
                       It doesn’t work … I hate veggies …  I hate working out!  LET ME STOP YOU!


Wishing you a Fi† Day

  Lindsay Ali

BS Biology | Cake Decorator turned Fitness Coach | Founder of Team Make i†

No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. Hebrews 12:11



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Do you ever lie to yourself and say, “Self, you deserve to break those boundaries you set for yourself.”?

You might as well say, “Self, forget about your goals for now, sure justifying why you should go ahead and break those boundaries will push the feelings of hitting that goal back who knows how long.  But it’s ok….you have worked so hard the last 2 days.  You can always start again tomorrow.”

You are lying to yourself and justifying why it’s ok with more lies.  You do, I do….we all do it!

Here are 10 lies we tell ourselves, 10 truths to debunk those lies, 5 Scripture to arm yourself with, 7 short but effective workouts you can do anywhere, and a 5 day meal plan with a shopping list.