I have HORRIBLE knees!  I can’t do a lot of things.  Of course with each pound I take off it’s 5 pounds of pressure I get off.  I can definitely tell a difference! So I hear a lot how some people can’t do this or that because of injury and honestly it’s just an excuse.  Yes, there are limitation but it should not become the reason why we do nothing at all.


So, I thought why not share how I am doing modifications to do the workouts that I enjoy most.  I like the athletic ones best so modifications are where it’s at for me.  I hope they help you as much as they do me.  NOW…disclaimer…I am do not have perfect form and I know do not look like those fitness professionals out there.  NOT the point!  We do what we can for us and if I can inspire just one of you out there to get up and just do it…then it’s all worth it!



What other moves do you need modified?  Let me hear from you!
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