It is ok to say NO!

No… I am not talking about saying no to the kids.  We all know a momma is comfortable doing that.  Shoot we do it 15 billion times a day anyway.

I am talking about saying to activities, volunteering and going going going all for others and not saying “No, I can’t.” so we can have time for ourselves.

I don’t know if the other side, you know the males, know what it’s like to be a momma.  I don’t even think so older moms remember what it’s like with littles.

We do not pee alone, we can not hold a conversation should we even try to talk on the phone because all of a sudden YOU are needed and wanted with they wanted nothing to do with you moments before.  We hear our name called about 20 times in 10 sec because we did not answer fast enough, nevermind you we were in the middle of taking a drink or a breath!

I said no to volunteer for our VBS the last few years.  Parts of me feels guilty….and most of me does not!

I have gotten to do live videos without screaming before after and well during also.  I have planned out my entire next month and I have sat and stared off at the trees blowing in the wind.  And I own it all the saying No!

Of course, I was not rude.  I said I was thankful and sorry but I do not want to.  I want need a break and I am strong enough now with who I am and want I know I need for myself to say so.

Today I give you permission to do the same.  Let me share with you my Facebook live where I chatted more about this topic



Wishing you a Fi† Day

Lindsay Ali

BS Biology | Cake Decorator turned Fitness Coach | Founder of Team Make i†

No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. Hebrews 12:11



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Do you ever lie to yourself and say, “Self, you deserve to break those boundaries you set for yourself.”?

You might as well say, “Self, forget about your goals for now, sure justifying why you should go ahead and break those boundaries will push the feelings of hitting that goal back who knows how long.  But it’s ok….you have worked so hard the last 2 days.  You can always start again tomorrow.”

You are lying to yourself and justifying why it’s ok with more lies.  You do, I do….we all do it!

Here are 10 lies we tell ourselves, 10 truths to debunk those lies, 5 Scripture to arm yourself with, 7 short but effective workouts you can do anywhere, and a 5 day meal plan with a shopping list.