Are you self-sabotaging your weight loss?

Have you ever said, “I will start on Monday” or “I will start tomorrow.”

I know I have said that and I have said it a lot.

And, I know that you have too if you have ever worked on losing weight, hitting a weight loss goal or body transformation you can probably relate to this.

Today I want to share with you some of the most common self-sabotaging thoughts and beliefs that we tell ourselves.

LIES…lies that we tell ourselves.  Lies you tell yourself and lies I tell myself!

AND…I want to share 5 tips on how we can kick those to the curb!

So I shared with you in this video some of the most common self-sabotaging beliefs, thoughts and habits we have and how we can kick those to the curb.

“I will start Monday.” falls into the category of self-sabotaging clichés we tell ourselves…lies that are perfectly legitimate…however they hijack our weight loss, fat loss, success and movement forward.

And it makes us think that it is ok to behave a certain way and it’s ok to cheat on our program.

The problem with this is that it stops us from being the best versions of ourselves we can be….and THAT is not ok.

I have heard a lot of them and I have used most of them myself.  I shared in the video some you may be able to relate too.

Here they are: (check them out at min 2:02)

-I have been to the gym 3 times this week…I totally desire this hamburger and coke

-I will do intermitting fasting and eat whatever I want and be good

-I eat healthy all week long so I can splurge on the weekends

-a few bite won’t hurt me and my plan

-I will take a lot of supplements and get all my nutrients from there

-I have a 100 cal pack…that’s not going to hurt my progress

-I will skip breakfast and save those calories for later

-I don’t have time

-I have slow metabolism or genetics in my family are not good

That’s the list I have for you but watch the video to get much more in this section of today’s topic!

So…How do we kick these to the curb???  Stop doing them and move forward and start seeing success.

Here they are but check out the video for more details and encouragement on these.  (time 6:03)

  1. What do you fear?

    1. Address it and get past it if you can not control it

  2. Think about your future!

    1. What will it feel like when you reach your goal?

  3. Short term – focused goals

    1. Realistic and measurable

  4. Nutrition Knowledge

    1. You have to know what clean eating is…what to grab and what to stay away from.

  5. Be honest with yourself

    1. Are you really following your plan?

Those are the 5 steps to help you kick those self-sabotaging thoughts and habits to the curb. is the thing!  I have more tips for you, but didn’t want to make this video today too long.

I will share more with you next week.  This is actually a 3 part series.

I will share 5 more tips next week and wrap it up the following week.  So make sure you are following me and have notifications on.

While you are weighting I want to give you a free gift.  Click the link below to get my FREE Lean Jean Nutrition Guide!

Thank you for spending time with me today that is all I have for now!

I am Lindsay Ali your Fit Mom Motivator, Mom Boss Believer and Cool Cake Creator!

Remember to fight hard, never give up, feel blessed and see that success.

Catch ya’ll next time!


Wishing you a Fi† Day

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