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Ever have that little voice in the back of your head saying negative things to you?

We all have conversations with ourselves and its how we talk to ourselves that really helps us move forward or not.

Because we can do a good job talking down to ourselves we sure don’t need to listen to the outside noise either

We MUST silence that noise so that we can move forward with the TWO skill I want to share today that you MUST master ASAP to move forward with success in your business

Also, you have seen it, we all have…all the stock photos of products from those who have joined a company.

“I started my own business!”  “Join me!”  “Join my team!” and the sharing of the product after product to buy from them and also the ‘I love my product so much I am going to take a picture of my kissing it’ photo.

Listen, I am not making fun.  I have been there, done that and bought the pony too.

Let’s chat about that and why it’s not the way to go and how you can ‘sale’ (or serve) better.




So you started your NM/MLM business

Maybe you don’t even know that is what it is you just joined because you loved the products and that it gave you a way to make some money too.  I get that!  I have talked to people trying to prospect me who don’t even know they are in aNM or MLM company.

You are excited and start to share…by posting stock photos and buy one get one deals etc…

I did it too but you don’t know what you don’t know until you know then you can change it to the right way.

We are told it’s easy…simple yes, easy? not so much

We are told share your story it’ not selling.

Well, I respectfully disagree. Yes, we share but how we do that makes all the importance in the world!

But we are told we are the boss now … our very own CEO and we should act like it with our behavior, habits and how we grow.

For me…that included accepting that I AM in sales

To have a business…you need a product AND it needs to be bought

So if you can agree with that and accept it, you can move on and embrace these tips I am about to share with you on how you can NOT be salsey by sharing…

So you start sharing and maybe like me you are lucky and don’t meet much resistance or negativity

But we will all meet the no’s of the business and that gets anyone down at first and you too, right?

If you didn’t have the negative self-talk before you sure do now when you get the nos and when you run out of that warm market and have not built up your network more.

You have a downward slide in sales and those joining your team. So, you excitement fades and you start wondering if this is for you or if it even works at all.

I love learning all about online business, NM tips and the technical stuff of this whole business.

I recently ran across some training that just SPOKE TO ME!

And because of that, I started doing things differently and holding myself a little more confidently.

Some of this stuff I had already started to think but these trainings gave me the permission to embrace that way of thinking when it came to building this NM thing I was trying to do.

And, it gave me a way to embrace standing out from the crowd and branding ME not my company.

I fought my mind for a while against some teachings from some in my company that said put out the name why not?  You totally SHOULD put the name out and the name of the products because it’s the best out there!

Where that is true in my opinion, don’t we all think our company is the best and our products are the best and only way to go?

Anyway, today is a different day and so is social media.

The way the big timers in my company built a few short years ago is NOT the way I can build now.  It’s not the way you should build either.

You and I both have to brand ourselves, stand out from the crowd.

Not be saleys but know we ARE in sales.

Drown out and silence the noise so you can focus learn and grow

When I first thought the idea and how to share it, I was thinking the negative of our own minds of course.  We all know, or should that we need to stop that.

And, also the outsiders who didn’t understand the business model of NM/MLM and think we are in a sham, pyramid, and won’t succeed anyway.  They all need to be silenced too

But, I also want to propose that you think about this in one more way.  We might have silence or block the trainings from those leaders inside our own companies.

Not because they are wrong and leading us astray horribly and are wanting us to fail…not at all!

It could be for several reasons.

Maybe, in my case, they grew at a time when SM was so new they had more freedom to do it the way they are and always have and are still suggesting.

It may be because what works for them does not work the same for you.

Maybe you just started investing time in another training or platform you don’t need to jump from one thing to the next without mastering or learning what you started in the first place…hello shink object syndrome!

I have it and have to be aware of it and shut it down before it ruins me!  And, you have to shut it down too!

You have to find your path, what works for you…embrace it and then flourish!

Go back to their trainings later after you finish what you already started.

What are the TWO things you need to master NOW to start your journey to SUCCESS?

Alright, don’t roll your eyes at this first one seriously it’s the MOST important for you to not quit and if you have been training on personal development for any length of time you already know what I am about to say.


This is the first and most important thing you MUST MUST MUST develop and master!

ONLY YOU can make this business work and ONLY YOU can decide you suck, even if you don’t you just need to learn a few skill sets, and ONLY YOU can talk yourself into quitting or pushing forward to success.

If you can keep YOU in check with how you are thinking and what you are telling yourself and what you are NOT listening too then, and only then can you master this second skill.

Got it???

Ok so go work on mindset, get some training, develop your affirmations and change the words you use with yourself AND with others as you talk about your business and what you are doing

Side story on this!

I have had to change my words with myself and others too.  Use to when someone would ask me what I would do when my kids were all in school, what would I do for work, what my plan was.  As if, just being a homemaker was not acceptable enough. (I will refrain from going off on that soapbox for the moment, but making a note for another blog post 😉

I would say, “Well, I am working on this side project over here and I am HOPING that it works and it will help me stay home.”

Do you see the problem with that?

I put it in all caps for you.  ‘Hoping’  Yes, I hope it works, but I also want to put more faith in myself so I changed that from ‘hope’ to ‘It WILL be what provides me the opportunity to stay home with my kids and be that homemaker yet still provide for the family.

Point is, change the words you tell yourself and which words you use to others when you talk about your business.

AND, take the option of quitting off the table for goodness sake.  The reason I am doing this and the alternative if this doesn’t work FAR outweighs the hard work I have to put in and figure out to make it work.

Quitting is NOT an option! 

Changing your strategy…totally ok!

Network marketing is so low risk compared to putting in hundreds of dollars for a franchise.

If invested in a franchise you would not throw in the towel so easily…low risk here with this business model is awesome for the average joe but, it allows people to quit faster and easier because they think its a get rich quit, easy money thing.  And, when they find out it’s not…they are out!

Ok Ok…get to the second skill already Lindsay.

Here goes…

Commitment and Connection

I guess that’s two but they go hand in hand.

Commitment is showing up every day doing the things you know you need to do to create the success you want AND no matter how you feel about it at that moment.

This is something I am still working on for myself.  Doing those things and making them a habit you don’t think about but you just do.

Find what fits you and what works for you, what you are to do, how to do it and when you should be doing it.

Mine is coming along and you have to figure that out for yourself too!

TIP…it has to involve FB live video! 

It’s the way things are and they are moving that way more and more you can not escape it.

This helps with that connection part too that you have to start building.  Build, trust and a bond with your audience and followers by starting to giving real value to others.

Put it out there so you can become trustworthy and represent yourself as an authority figure.

I struggled with this for a long time.

But, if you can accept this like I have and am still doing you can move forward in confidence.

Whatever you know now is more than someone else knows.  And that is worthy of sharing.

So before we can sell we have to have a following or audience.  And to have a following we have to start putting ourselves out there providing value and leading with a servants heart.

Are you following?  Good!

So, Lindsay how can we do this you ask?

Well, let me share that with you.


  • Focus on the customer what they are struggling with.  This is probably the same things you are or have struggled with in the past.  For example, I struggled with weight loss after my pregnancies.  Now, I coach others to lose weight and know they have the power to take their health to the next level.  Also, I struggled in the online space for so long and now I have a goal to help YOU to overcome those same hang ups I had and have and I work through and learn to succeed.
  • Offer them solutions by putting out free value you can share with them.  One of my fav mentors always says you have to give give give value before you can ever as for the sale.  And, she is not the only guru saying this.
  • Honestly want to help them.  Lead with your heart and not what you are trying to get into the bank account.  Help help help others with their struggles.  Create free help so they will trust you and want to buy from you.
  • Listen to them and make sure that your product or service or opportunity is a right fit for them…if it’s not then don’t offer it.  You are setting yourself up for a letdown and repelling them away instead of attracting them to you.
  • Start providing value to others.  Whatever you have learned or are learning, turn it around and teach with your twist or flare on it.  This will build trust and present you as an authority in your niche.  Create good quality posts on facebook along with your fun and family posts.  Create a blog where you can put up a post with the biggest objections you run across in your business.  This way you can refer someone back to that blog post when they have questions or concerns about your product or company.

so…there you go!

Tons of info and value there!

So what do you do next?

You starting training and improve that mindset of yours.  Start sharing (know you are selling) but you are going to do it so so different from this point on, right? Good!

I highly recommend two ‘next steps’ for you.

These ‘next steps’  are literally a completely FREE training for you today!

The 10 Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp taught by a mentor of mine who allows me to promote this training here on my blog. This is where my feelings of wanting to brand ME with my NM business was validated…where I started learning new skill sets I could use anywhere. Inside my company, with affiliate marketing and even creating my own products.

You don’t’ want to leave this training on the table!


That’s it! That’s what I have for today!

So…I like convos where it’s two way you know right? so I just spoke for a while so now it’s your turn.


(feel free to post your responses below and/or on the video on SM)


No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. Hebrews 12:11


Hey, thank you!

Thank you for jumping on this post!

Hopefully, I have added value to you here.  I would love to hear from you on this post and/or on the live stream!  Tell me what your experience is and what tools you use.

Until next time, have a great day!


Hey, Lindsay here!  I love sharing things I love and helping other women to make big waves in all areas of their life from faith, fitness, family, and finances for all my boss ladies out there. I love sharing my experience, journey, and tools I use to help me with my journey in all of these areas and more in hopes it will help you too.








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