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We have all been there.

We start a new workout with a fresh nutrition plan.

We have everything set and we’re ready to go.

We get in the groove we start feeling great, seeing results were patting ourselves on the back loving how are starting to look in the mirror.

And then ___________ happens!

Yep!  LIFE! 

The kids get sick.  The boss wants to go out for lunch. You have relationship troubles.   There is a birthday dinner to go to with the family. 

Whatever that blank is that happens to happens and we fall off track we start going down that path of regret and the pit of self-despair and negative thinking of you suck and you have to start over AGAIN.

And starting may mean for the day or we go ahead and extend our little falling off the wagon moment to not just a meal, a day or a week but maybe a month or months at a time before we actually get ourselves back on track.

By doing this we have extended the time that we will reach our goals only making the thoughts in her head more and more negative wondering if we are ever going to reach our goal if this program. 

Then you start to wonder if this program that you started really works or if it’s just like all the other ones that you tried and didn’t work either.

It has to be said right here, that if this is the issue you see repeating going all in for a couple weeks seeing results and then fall off the wagon.  And your mind goes to the thought that the program doesn’t work…you are probably not looking at it from the correct perspective.

There are tons of programs out there that work and do wonderful things for many people.  Most of them have success stories to back up their claims of working.

So you might change your perspective and accept the fact that if you were in it and you were seeing results before you fell off the wagon because XYZ happen, then it’s because you quit not that the program doesn’t work

So how do we not fall off the wagon?

There are a few things that we can establish, set up and prepare that will allow us not to fall off the wagon and today I want to share those things with you.

Say with me and opened up your mind so you don’t get defensive but you can start implementing these today so that you can start, continue and push forward toward your goals actually feel like you achieved something.

Whether you are working or will work with me or you’re working inside of another program, I want to help set you up to be successful. 

I don’t want any other woman to feel the way I have felt on my journey and maybe you have already or still do feel this way.

But I want you to feel the Success I want you to feel what it feels like to be able to achieve baby steps and then hit your goals because it’s a wonderful feeling and it gives you a high to help you keep going and maybe even a passion to go and help other people to do the same thing. 

That’s what happened to me and here you are here now.

Because whether you are intentionally doing this or not, when you’re improving yourself hitting those goals and transforming your body and mind, people will start to notice and you will inspire them.

So how do we stop falling off the wagon?  (I know I know I am getting there)

Or maybe the better question is how do we get back up when we do.

Because life happens we’re going to run into those life issues have obstacles, roadblocks and moments where we get to decide to stay on track or not. 

We are going to have to be flexible.

And, we will have to adjust our thinking to know that this is, or should be, a lifestyle change. 

So below are the things that I want to share with you today that you can implement right now and move forward in confidence towards your goals.

No matter if you have been off just a meal, a week, month or year.  Use these tools and mindsets and share them with others who may need it as well.

So with that let’s get into it.







It’s always fun and exciting in the beginning of something new.  You want ready to go and pumped.  So change up your normal routine and get yourself excited about working out again.  Or change up your meals and get excited about fresh new healthy recipes to try and serve the family.


Start with something short  and sweet.  Something that’s fun and that you will actually do.  Upgrade to a more intense and longer program later when you have established the habit and it’s a smaller leap instead of an overwhelming one.


If you don’t like it, you won’t do it.  So pick one that once again…you will actually do.  If you don’t like to dance, don’t pick a dance video to get your workout in.  If you hate to feel like you are working out, maybe that dance video is the one for you.  Just pick something YOU like!  Add the nutrition and you will see results.


If it were so easy to lose large amounts of weight in a short time and it be sustainable, then we would not be in the spot we are at the moment right?  So set realistic expectations on yourself with this journey.  If you don’t, I can tell you exactly what will happen.  You will get frustrated quit and then say the program doesn’t work.  When really you are not working the program.   Ouch!  I know but we need that truth.


Focus on the activities that will get you to your goal.  You set the goal already don’t stay there and think about how hard it’s going to be to get there and how much time it’s going to take.  Set the big one, then move to mini ones and start focusing your attention on those and you will eventually get there.  Get to bed early, prep that food, set your clothes out the night before and move the alarm across the room.  The minis in life can and are mighty.  Those minis are what get you there.


One thing is certain…life will happen and something will come up will get you side track from your goals.  A sick kid, a special dinner, you sleep in.  Be flexible and make your workouts and nutrition a non-negociable.  But, when life hits fall back on that plan A, B, C and D because you will need it.


Allow the cheats, if you had handle it.  Enjoy the birthday dinners then get right back on track.  That is better than saying you are not going to eat that food then diving in and feeling so guilty that you get yourself off track for long than a meal and find yourself binge eating in the pantry.  Enjoy it and then keep going.


The faster we accept that this needs to be our lifestyle the faster will can enjoy the journey, the cheats and the times when we are being strict because we know it’s the best for our health.


Those small wins are SO important for us to celebrate so we keep going.  When you lose your first 10 or you lost 10 MORE after months of being off but it puts you 80 down.  Celebrate!  Any progress forward is progress forward!


Do not do this journey alone.  You need support from home, friends and/or a coach to get you and still push you.  Do not do this journey alone.


If you get this one down, when it happens (and it WILL happen) you will not fall as hard and fast.  It will be so much easier to pick yourself back up also.  Success is piled high with failure, sucking it up and falling on your face.  If you know that and can embrase it, you will go farther faster.

Sustainable weight loss and maintenance takes time, endurance, patience perseverance and grit

Stop the cycle and recognize that you do it then strategies that will stop you from participation in the unhealthy cycle. so you can reach those goals. 

We just have to know that there are things that we can do to help us be successful before we even start.

And that success happens before you even start.  With that decision to start a decision to make a plan and a Plan B so that when life happens you have something in place that will catch you and keep you moving forward.

What’s even better to have several nets under you as you go through this journey because sometimes plan A B C and D don’t work so you have to keep going to the next one.

Just know the road to success is full of failures piles and piles and piles of doing it wrong, not getting it right, not getting it perfect, starting again and again and again until you finally get there.

Remember any baby step that you can do will add it to your achievement of success.

Any progress forward it’s just that… it’s progress and you should celebrate that.

So no when you fall off when you fail when you eat something you’re not supposed to or don’t get that workout in… it’s OK!

Create success at that moment by getting up and moving forward and just keep going because your goals are bigger than your excuses for your fear of having to start again.

You can do this! 

OH…and for the love take quitting off the table! 

Quitting it’s not an option at all!

You have got this and I have got your back and believe in you, and if you need me to believe in you before you believe in yourself fine then I will do that.  Even if that is only through words on this page or we start working together inside one of my programs. 

If you need that and want to dive deeper, then reach out and we can chat.

Whether you join me or not I am rooting for you because I know how it feels to fall off the wagon.  And to be off the wagon for a really long time before getting back up. 

I also know what it does look like to just get back up and keep going


That’s it! That’s what I have for today!

So…I like convos where it’s two way you know right? so I just spoke for a while so now it’s your turn.


(feel free to post your responses below and/or on the video on SM)

Tell me your thoughts on today topic?

No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. Hebrews 12:11


Hey, thank you!

Thank you for jumping on this post!

Hopefully, I have added value to you here.  I would love to hear from you on this post and/or on the live stream!  Tell me what your experience is and what tools you use.

Until next time, have a great day!


Hey, Lindsay here!  I love sharing things I love and helping other women to make big waves in all areas of their life from faith, fitness, family, and finances for all my boss ladies out there. I love sharing my experience, journey, and tools I use to help me with my journey in all of these areas and more in hopes it will help you too.








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