We should…no don’t…yes it’s good for you…oh wait it’s not!

I read an article Facebook today and because it came from Facebook I KNOW it is the truth!  So I immediately shared it on my social media sites without even another thought in my brain…because hummmm, hello everything you see online is real!

No, I didn’t just read the title and share like so many in our society do nowadays without research or knowing all the facts or where it even came from and who is behind it and what their motives are.  This is unlike some of my “friends” on SM started sharing…with no comments…and probably no research.

Did you see it? Coconut oil is bad for you now according to the American Heart Association.

Listen, I am going to be to the expert here on this subject just as I am horrible at writing and blogging and have typos everywhere.  All I know is what I have been learning through my journey to better health.

So we hear SOOOOOO much information every day on what’s healthy and what’s not.  Again, no expert here so I am not going to pretend I know all the facts and science behind coconut oil vs vegetable oil.

What I will say is that over the past few years learning more about being healthier and what I should take out of my pantry and what should go in its place did not line up with the article that came out today about coconut oil is bad for us and we should use vegetable oil instead.

It didn’t sit well.  So what was my plan?

Research. Period.

I was going to go to other sources and check out info from people I trust and who are smarter than me in this area.  People that I believe will tell the truth with their messages.

However, before I could research I opened my email to see two women who I consider to be mentors already addressing the article.  I consider them mentors of mine because they are smart in health, fitness, nutrition and in business.  I trust their advice and they can explain it so much better than I can.

So I am including their post in this blog as additional resources for you to check out and research, along with your other searches on your own hopefully, to learn more.

Do this because seriously our society needs to slow down and not just believe the first thing they see.  We need to arm ourselves and know who we can go to for good information and FACTS on different subjects.

Once we have the facts we can then go on to make a more informed and educated decision for ourselves.

Here is my live today with my thoughts on the matter..kinda babbling but I was just chatting as we were on the couch together and sharing my thoughts.


And, here are some facts to start off your research about this matter!






ALRIGHT…that is all!  Just thought I would share because I was not in agreement with the article this morning and wanted to share a resource for you as a place to start your own research.

And for goodness sakes…for all areas of life…let’s research before we just hit the share button so fast.

Expect here you can share this now…I will wait….

Ok, just kidding research even my thoughts, Lord knows I am far from perfect.


Wishing you a Fi† Day

  Lindsay Ali

BS Biology | Cake Decorator turned Fitness Coach | Founder of Team Make i†

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