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The ONE MUST for Weight loss


Hey yall!  I’m here to tell yall today what is the ONE thing  you must be doing…NO EXCEPTIONS allowed…

you must be doing if you are trying to lose weight.  Weather it’s a small amount of weight or a large amount, YOU MUST BE DOING IT!

My name is Lindsay Ali in case you don’t know who I am.  I am a Fit Mom Motivator, A Mom Boss Believer and a cool Cake Creator.

I am here delivering weight loss motivation, Business training and Cool cake stuff!

So…I am in my accountability group and we are talking about the one thing we need to do to lose weight…

check out what it is in the video and then leave me a comment on how you are going to apply it!


.  We are in a group where we get to take part of a money pot of 1.5 MILLION dollars….HELLLO!   Even just a little bit of cash would be great, right!?  Pay me to work out….AWESOME!

But we are in there talking about this and this is the topic of conversation today.

No let me tell you a little story from my past experience with losing weight.  I weighted in weekly and one week I weighed in at 0.0 for 4 weeks in a row…can you imagine my frustration?  I am in this program where I have seen a little success.  I am cheating the system a little bit…now looking back.

But I am at a stand still!

I add this new program and all of a sudden….BAMB!  0.0 for 4 weeks…..HOLY COW…are you KIDDING ME???

I am working my butt of…or at least I am trying to haha…and the scale is not moving.


Because the scale is a LIAR!


Yes the scale should be one way we track our results but it should not be the end all be all and we should not stop there.

We MUST go farther into how we track…yes it’s the one thing we need to do but we have to go deeper than just the scale.

We need to do this to really see if we are on the right path to success.  Because even if we are off a little now….that results in being WAY off in the future and in the long run!  And it will take us longer to get there…..IF WE EVER DO!

So, I am sitting there at 0.0 for 4 weeks and I am so FREAKIN frustrated.

Why didn’t I quit?

I didn’t quit because the program I started told me to do this…do this and this…scale,  take a picture and measure with measuring tape!  THAT IS WHY I DID NOT GIVE UP….without the measuring would have thought it was not working.

That is what we need to do!  We must track with measuring our body!

Scale, yes!

How do we feel…absolutely!

Do our pants fit better….yep!


You must set goals! Some people tell me they aren’t going to set goals and that may work for a while but you have to set goals that are measurable to know where you are and where you want to be.

Set the goals and reverse engineer those goals and figure out how to get there.   And you can only reverse engineer those goals if you have numbers on where you are, where you want to be and how you are going to get there.  Even a GPS needs that much information!

So..that is what you need to do!!  Track by the above.

Wrapping back this up…..I weighed at 0.0 and I told you why already I did not give up.

That fifth week….I am happy to announce I lost 5 pounds!

I was SO EXCITED! My efforts had paid off…I was feeling great and my clothes felts loose but I was measuring and THAT is the only thing that kept me going and pushing week after week until I finally got the 5 pounds down.

Your body is changing and making progress even if they scale is not telling you.

That’s it ….do this to make sure you are on the right path!

Thanks for being here!

Catch ya’ll next time!




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My name is Lindsay Ali and I am an online coach empowering other women to make health a priority and to find freedom with online business, particularly network marketing.  I am also cake decorator part time so I get my creative side out. I am glad you are here.  I love sharing my experience, journey and tools I use to help me with my journey in hopes it will help you too.





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