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Why your health is important for your business

a healthy you equals a strong boss lady

Lindsay Ali

I see you.

I know the entrepreneur life and you are glued to your computer and phone all day working on your business, correcting what’s gone wrong and improving on things that can function better…because it can always be better.

Doing whatever it takes to succeed in your business.

As entrepreneurs, we have this burning desire deep inside to succeed in our business no matter what it costs or how it may arm us in the process.

If you are anything like me, you will sacrifice sleep to get that to do list done and launch your projects to the world.  You will wake up early to work and stay up late to meet a deadline you marked on your calendar.

When you are overwhelmed with the tasks required to build a business you neglect yourself and focus on getting the job done.  You push yourself to the limit as well as pushing your health to the side.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  In fact, it shouldn’t.  You should want to add this to our daily routine because if you do it can add as far as benefits to our individual success and our business success.

I have made it a point to study some of the most successful people in my industry and there are many common factors you can see threaded through each one of them.  One is each one of them has some sort of time set aside for their health.  Most have a healthy diet and do some sort of exercise as part of their normal routine.  Even if nothing more than a walk.

I read in an article that when Richard Branson was asked for his number one productivity tip her pause a moment and said, “Work out.”   By his own calculations, he said it added around 4 hours of productivity to his day.

Having had fitness as part of my life for most of my life I still struggle to release the hold the computer has on me and just go workout or take a break to eat since it’s now afternoon and I have not had breakfast.

Can you relate to this way of working?

So what are the benefit of putting healthy as a priority in your daily routine?

And what should we focus on when planning this into our schedules?

Well, I am so glad you asked!  You did ask, right?

You are still here with me so I am going to assume you did and want to know so let’s continue

In this post I want to share with you how can benefit us and what we can focus on to achieve those benefits.

Cool?  Cool!

Let’s dive in.




Why your health is important for your business

a healthy you equals a strong boss lady



Neglecting our health can lead to more downside effects that upside I am sure we can all agree.

And it can be difficult, if not impossible, to reverse the effects.

The shift doesn’t have to be drastic or an overhaul of your complete routine and nutrition.

I am a firm believer in making baby steps to your goals because over time you will have made more progress than if you went all in and did a massive overhaul of your entire routine.

What I see typically happens is that you do this and it’s so drastic that you end up quitting because it’s just too overwhelming.  Then, you are farther behind than when you started.

Making health a priority definetly does more than just increase the physical appearance.

How can it ‘help you individually and in turn help your business growth as well.


  1.  BETTER SLEEP – When you exercise regularly and eat better you also sleep better and feel more rested and ready to take on what comes at you in the day…business or personal.  Sleep depervation is associated with eatting more calories and making more unhealthier food choices.  This we all know leads us down the road to more health realated issues and weight gain.  They say magic happens when you sleep.  So, let’s all make a promise to try to get more sleep.  I know this is a hard one for entreprenuers because there is always something that we can be doing or working on, but we need it.
  2. INCREASED ENERGY – Believe it or not when you workout you feel more energized.  It’s so weird how it works but its very true!  When I am working out on the regular I am typically getting up very early and feel more energy and more effective throughout my day.  People often ask how I get done what I get done when I am up so early and on the go so much.  It’s my workouts, and my nutrition when I am working on it, that saves me and help push me. 
  3. INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY – Let’s face it…when you feel better and you, have more energy you have a better attitude and you want to work.  You are more focused on what you are doing and have a clear mind to actually get your work done effiectively.  Which leads me into my next point.
  4. SHARPER MIND – Phsycial exercise is sid to improve executive functions (self control, memory, decision making, learning, etc.) which in turn would help you to make smarter, faster and more desicive decisions.  Wouldn’t wee all love to have that in life situations and in our businesses?  I know I would.
  5. BOOSTED IMMUNE SYSTEM – Ok, we all know that eating better can help in prevention of getting illnesses that could knock us on our butts for a few days or weeks.  I know that when I am eating right and taking my vitamins I am less likely to get those little bugs that the kids bring home.  However, when I am off track and eating junk foods and not consistent about my vitamins…oh boy!  Not only do I get sick I am down and out for a long longer time period than if I did get sick when being better about my nutrition.  I’m am not perfect, hence why I am yet to reach my ultimate goal weight, but I sure can tell a difference in my body based on what choices I have been make with my food.
  6.  HEALTHIER BODY WEIGHT – Given.  If we work on our health we will get to a better body weight and this brings on all kinds of good benefits for our bodies, function of our bodies, how we feel, action and present ourselves.  Don’t you agree! Since this is obvious, we don’t need to spend too much time here.
  7. INCREASED DRIVE, FOCUS AND EFFICIENCY – We have gotten enough GOOD sleep, sharer minds and we are feel good about our body image and we are not getting as sick.  I productivity has increase so naturally we are getting more done and feeling great about it.  So our drive to keep going increases so we focus harder and make sure we have efficenency in our actions and habits as our bosss we start working smarter and not harder leading us to more success in our business
  8. INCREASED ENGAGEMENT – I don’t know about you but when all the above is set in place I am ready to make more contact with those I work with and those I am serving in my business.  When things are not going so well and we are feeling bad about ourselves or because our bodies just don’t feel good, I do not want to interact with other people.  I feel fake chatting with others and still saying things are great when I feel horrible.  You excitement about your business will shine through and you want others to see how excited you are and how much energy you have.  You want them to want to know your secret sauce and to ask you how you can do it all and still have more left to give.  The better you feel the more your will network and serve.  And if you are in network marketing you need to network, hence the name ‘network’.
  9. MORE CONFIDENCE – The more you do things that are hard or you are unsure of the more confident you become in those things.  If you are working on that plus have all these other tips set in place then you are setting yourself up for more confidence in yourself and in your business. When you are more confident it makes you more attractive, and I don’t mean physcially.  You become attractive with the skills you are showing in your business to serve your team that is helping you to grow your business or your clients with the products you are sharing.
  10. LEADERSHIP  – When you are more confident in some, many or all areas of your life that you are working to improve in you are more likely to take on leadership roles inside your company, teams and your own business.  Your business needs a leader, it needs YOU!  Go forward in confidence and step into the leadership role you are made to be in.
  11. GOAL ACHIEVEMENT – We all want to hit ranks and crush our goals in our businesses and you can have a better chance to do just that by improving your productivity, energy, attitude, and self-confidence.
  12. SQUASHES STRESS  – Who love stress?  hummmm….no one!  But I know for myself most of the stress I put on myself.  As entrepreneurs you are creating your own schedule, dealines and your dreams are at steak.  I know when I am stressed, frustrated or angry and good workout or kick boxing class will get that stress out faster than anything.  I mean why wouldn’t kicking and punching help right?
  13. OVERALL HAPPINESS – Happy people are happy in life, in their family, and in business.  People want to do business with happy people and when you shine that out for the world to see, they will see it and know that you love what you do and they will want to work with you, join you and follow you!
I mentioned before it did not need to be a drastic overhaul in your routine.  And, this is true.  I think if you do that you risk the chance of not only falling off track but moving backwards and farther away from not only your health goals but your business goals as well.

There needs to be a balance and small steps you can start to implentent into your routine and work on increase those and adding others when you get these down.

I work with health and wellness products and have for years.  It really holds me accountable and I am in the trenches with my clients.  I know how they feel and how things work or don’t.

When someone reaches out to me wanting help and wanting to join one of my challenges here are the first things I recommend working on improving to take advantage of all those benefits we just went over.


  1. INCREASE WATER INTAKE – This is a great starting point because it’s easy for one.  Our bodies are also made up of mostly water and there are so many benefits you will feel with just changing this one thing.  Anything from glowing skin, weight loss, increased energy and decrease joint discomfort.
  2. GET MORE SLEEP – I did a program once where sleep was actually prescribed, not suggested but actually part of what we needed to do to get the results the program promised.  Increase this in small increments going to be earlier, and without the tv, 3 mins ahead of your normal time until you are used to that and then moving the time up again.  Repeat this until you reach the time you hit your goal.
  3. NUTRITION – Change one or two things in your nutrition at a time.  Get used to that and then make another change.  Repeat this until you have eliminated those things you know are harming your health.  You could take out cokes and go to only water.  Then, work on no sugar or desserts.  When you get used to that you can start eliminating the white foods and substituting them for healthier options.  The program I work with we have people pick 3 of 5 lifestyle choices to promise to change in order to progress them through the program and get results.  That’s all 3 changes and our supplements to aid them and they are on their way.
  4. EXERCISE – Join one class at the gym, go for a walk for 30 mins, count your steps on your fitbit, or do a HIIT workout from home for 20 mins.  Just start moving more than you were before.  When you get into the routine start changing it up, going longer or hitting it harder.
  5. TAKE BREAKS – As entrepreneurs, again if you are like me, you could work on your business all day and all night barely leaving room to break for food, the potty, to change a diaper or break up a fit between the kids.  But, you must force yourself to take breaks, enjoy the outdoors and the loved ones around you.  Turn off the mind for a bit and let it recharge so you can crush your goals when you get back to the computer.
That’s it! That’s what I have for today!

So…I like convos where it’s two way you know right? so I just spoke for a while so now it’s your turn.


(feel free to post your responses below and/or on the video on SM)

What do you need to work on the most?

No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. Hebrews 12:11

Hey, thank you!

Thank you for jumping on this post!

Hopefully, I have added value to you here.  I would love to hear from you on this post and/or on the live stream!  Tell me what your experience is and what tools you use.

Until next time, have a great day!


Hey, Lindsay here!  I love sharing things I love and helping other women to make big waves in all areas of their life from faith, fitness, family, and finances for all my boss ladies out there. I love sharing my experience, journey, and tools I use to help me with my journey in all of these areas and more in hopes it will help you too.








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